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We Produce Animations That Connects With Your Audience

At iQ Animation Studio, we create bespoke animation videos to bring your brand to life. We help your brand stand out from the crowd with our custom animation services.



2D Animation


3D Animation

Hyper Realistic


Our Portfolio

What We Create?

are looking for high-quality animation solutions to present your brand? We have a bouquet of 3D and 2D animation services to match your needs.


Pre-Post Production

iQ Animations Studio offers a suite of custom video marketing services, including Script Writing, Voice-Over, Video Editing, and Post-Production Services.

Get in touch with one of our digital experts to know how we can add more value to your brand.

Our Story

Sprinkling the right mix of creativity and technology into your marketing campaigns, IQ Animations Studio presents your brand’s story in a compelling manner through memorable characters and stunning animation, leading to an enhanced market presence and brand loyalty.

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At IQ, we make it our business to share YOUR story in the most compelling manner with your audience.

We use the right mix of creativity and technology to deliver fun, engaging, and memorable videos that breathe life into your branding communication.

See your brand come alive in your audience’s mind through immersive video content that drives results.

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